At Vatersay Beach

Hello from Vatersay beach

I have found a stunning place of tranquility in the Outer Hebridesone and one  of the most beautiful beaches in the world ,and iv only been here a short time

the calondian macbrayne ferry  docked into casthebay just befor 6pm on a perfect may evening
a few people were watching from the quay side as the cars , campervans and a single tuk tuk  made land onto the hebrdian island of barra.

At just 8 miles long and 5 miles at the widest point, it’s certainly not one of Scotland’s larger islands, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty and character.

Vatersay is an idyllic little isle – the most southernly in the Outer Hebrides – and is conveniently connected to Barra via a short causeway built in 1991

The island is shaped like an apple core with a thin bit in the middle and a chunkier section at each end. The middle bit has a glorious white sandy beach on either side.

the community center cafe is situated right in middle this . Separated from the road by a wide natural grass headlands.

the gate sits on weather beaten hinges guarding an unseen view

Known as one of the world’s last great wildernesses, the Outer Hebrides offer mile after mile of pristine white sandy beaches surrounded by a crystal-clear turquoise shoreline

I step through onto Pure white soft sand . The natural channel to the beach stretches in front of me for a 100 meters.

With every step the horizon shortens. long highTufts of maihair grasses and dunes eventually give way to a beach of outstanding beauty.

Nothing prepared me for this. Looking left or right I see half a mile of pristine beach . A small yacht is moored 20 metres out. The crew have come ashore and sit on a tarten blanket enjoying a glass of wine . Waiting for the inevitable glorious sunset .

I walked barefoot for an hour up and down the beach soaking up the sights and sounds of the moment.

I’m not sure I will ever return here. I want to but it’s a long way from home. I’m told there are many more outstanding beaches to come. Tomorrow I start heading north to find out.

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