Lutons godfather of 4 tuk tuk’s

Giddy Gee has a passion for tuk tuk’s. he has a new Atul , two ARD’s one of which has been restored the other sits and waits patiently in their garden waiting for the full giddy gee treatment.

the luvson in a previous life was a photo booth. that was removed and will return next year in a new tuk.

Giddy has big plans for this one , Hes teaming up with a local company to create a super fast tuk capable of breaking the tuk tuk land speed record currently at 74.306mph


The doors,and Graphics were all done inhouse



Made in India. It looks very much like a Bajaj. these can be bought from tuk tuk steve and catherine in somerset.




produced in Mumbai for export


THE Bajaj bs6

new Bajaj bs6

Giddy has restored the first of his ARD tuk tuks . Completely stripped it down and rebuilt it from the ground up.

How long did the restoration take?

The Restoration was a fill in job and took over a year but in hours input about 40 hrs

What challenged you the most?

The challenging part was cutting out the floor pan and making a new one out of 2mm steel plate, and spot welding it into place.

Did you shot blast it yourself?

Shot Blasting the body took some time but the chassis was a little quicker i did this in our own shot blasting room at gs commercials in Luton

the only thin i didnt do was the powder coating. Getting the chassis and the body back from the powder coaters was great to see the finished look from blue to black with disco light flex’s.

Was it difficult to get new parts?

Rob from tuk tuk Uk helped me out with some parts but I had already got some parts when I went to Goa.

Did your love of tuk tuks begin in India ?

Making the roof

Putting a new roof top on was a challenge too as it’s got to be stretched tight and fixed into place.

All the bolts, nuts and washers were replaced for stainless because they look so much nicer.

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