Episode 18

Welcome to EPISODE 18

Hello and welcome to the  first of three shows  being released in the next couple of weeks  .   Im finally out of the studio ,the zoom calls have been  put on hoid its time to  get out and about  in  the rickshaw  meet and laugh with people face to face , drive tuks up 30% mountain passes in the lakr district , taste  alcchol infused icecream with alanna atkinson from a few scoops ice cream  . and much much more

so lets get started  iv called this show the movers and shakers of the manchester tuk tuk scene . twice before iv set a date to visit robert leggett at  tuk tuk uk each time scuppered by a national lock doiwn .but thankully this time ive made it . 

durning the day there i spoketo Tracey Scarlet a personal English and maths teacher , she came to have here air horns re alined and a new hood ,

shozad drove over from   tuk tuk oldham he has a tuk  or pedal rickshaw for hire

and i also met up  alanna from from a few scoops  . in episode 17  alanna spoke to me  about her journey in setting up her icecream company  .   and of cause rob and Tom from Tuk Tuk Uk

ice cream tasting is a tough job on a friday afternnon  but my self and Rob  were up for the challenge ,. we met alanna at her icecream kitchen  not far from  old trafford . the cafe was empty exept for the three of us  tubs of  alcohol infused icecream waiting to be  enjoyed

i hope you enjoy it

In the next episode I head 30 miles north to  Todmordean    if your from the south you pronounce it rather commonly Todmorden
or just  Todd if you live there
I met up with Rodger Hooker Blackburn
He has a Thai tuk with a bed in the back no less.

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